Applying Preset

To see preset preview, point to folder name or to the preset button


You can select the most suitable animation speed.
Point to one of these marks and click in order to fix the selected speed.

By clicking preset button, preset will be added to active comp.

A layer with preset is added in the following way:
if no layer is selected in active comp, the preset will be added according to time indicator


If there is any selected layer, preset will be added to the left edge of this layer


If there are several selected layers, preset will be added at the junction of every layer

In this case you can use different presets at once.
Select presets with the pressed button ‘Control’ - additional button for adding presets will appear.
When you click on this button, selected presets will be added in random order


In order to replace one of the added presets, select it in active comp and apply preset from extension directory.

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Motion Bro V2 is now available!
The Help Center page that you are currently viewing is outdated and refers to the previous version of the Motion Bro extension