Can not install the extension using ZXPInstaller
Before installation, make sure you are using After Effects CC.2014.2 or higher.

If you receive a message "Installation failed because of a file operation error" when installing with ZXPInstaller, you may have installed the extension by dragging the ZXP-file directly from the ZIP-archive. In this case, please first unpack the ZXP-file and then drag it to the installer window.

If the problem persists,  try an alternative method - manual installation:

1. Rename file extension "Motion Bro.zxp" from 'ZXP' to 'ZIP'

2. Unpack resulting ZIP archive

3. Copy resulting "Motion Bro" folder and paste it into the directory for the extensions corresponding to your operating system:

  • If you are a user of Windows, paste folder into Directory: Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions
  • If you are a user of MacOS, paste folder into Directory: Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions

Note! If you previously installed a folder with the extension - delete it.
If there are no folders "CEP" and "Extensions" in the mentioned directories – you can create it manually.

Preview of transitions are not displayed
  • Make sure that in the directory where you unpacked the archive with presets, there are no special symbols. For example "#", "$"
  • Make sure that the folder with installed presets has not been moved to another directory or the folder names in the directory have not been changed. In this case, you can delete pack from Motion Bro and then reinstall it again.
No “Extensions” in the top menu

Make sure that you are using After Effects version CC.2014.2 or higher

Will the presets work in After Effects on which the extension is not installed

Problems will not be, since presets are created from standard effects in After Effects.
The Motion Bro extension is used only as a tool for convenient use of presets.

How use presets in After Effects CS6-CC12

Support for extensions in Adobe After Effects, started with the version of CC.2014, so it is not possible to run any extension in the version below than CC.2014. However, you can use Motion Bro presets without installing the extension, manually, as shown in this video tutorial:

Where to get the Purchase Code

1. On the videohive.net website, log in to the account from which the purchase of presets was made

2. Open your Download Page

3. Find the purchased item, сlick “Download” and select one file with license certificate – in this file, you will find the purchase code

How to use transitions in Premiere Pro

Unfortunately, in Premiere Pro it is technically impossible to create presets, similar to those created in After Effects for the Motion Bro extension. The problem is that Premiere Pro is very limited in the ability to create effects and does not have the necessary tools. The maximum that is possible - is a primitive slide and zoom transitions, without the ability to quickly change the direction and zoom point, and also with motion blur of poor quality.

However, you can use After Effects presets in Premiere Pro, using Dynamic Link, as shown in this video tutorial:

Purchase Code does not work

Try one of these solutions:

  • Make sure that you have copied the code that relates specifically to this product
  • Make sure that you have copied the code completely
  • Try to switch off firewall or antivirus program while the code is being checked
  • Check in the top menu: Edit > Preferences > General, option “Allow Script to Write Files and Access Network” – must be enabled

If the problem remains unresolved, please send a message via the feedback form on the author's profile page

When using the Dynamic Link the Sound FX does not work

Unfortunately not only for our presets, but for any other projects, including usual footage, using Dynamic Link will not work the sound from After Effects. We hope that the developers of Adobe will fix this flaw in future updates.

As a workaround, you can do the following:

1. In After Effect, open the composition of preset and copy [Ctrl + C] the Sound layer

2. In Premiere Pro, press Ctrl + V – the audio track is imported to the timeline

One frame, under the marker “Cut” it looks wrong

Such a bug is possible in some presets, in a project with a frame rate different from 25. This is because, due to the different frame rate, the animation peak is located not on a specific frame, but on an interval between two frames. Perhaps in the following exposures, we will find a universal solution to this problem. But at the moment you can use the following temporary solution:

1. Highlight the problematic preset-layer in the active composition

2. In the extension, go to the Time Stretch Bar and click the button with letter [L]                                        

3. If the problem persists, slightly change the value of the key under the marker “Cut”, so that the animation peak is shifted to “half-frame”

How to install the Motion Bro extension

To automatically install any extensions for applications from Adobe, you can use one of the two installers listed below:

  1. ZXPinstaller
  2. Aescript ZXP Installer


How to change the animation speed of a preset without an extension

1. Select the preset-layer in the active composition and put the Time Indicator so that on the timeline, it matches the position of the "Cut" or "Peak" marker

2. Right-click on the preset-layer and go to Time > Time Stretch...

3. In the Hold in Place parameter, set the "Current Frame";
in the Stretch Factor parameter, set the desired value and click OK

What is difference between HST Script and Motion Bro extensions

See the comparison on this page

I have to buy a package of presets again for each new project?

In the details of the license for videohive.net, it is said that you can use Motion Bro presets only in one of end product. However, this has more to do with the After Effects project for the promotional video, which is used in the preview. For extensions and presets, videohive.net has a special license type - Tools License. This type of license allows you to buy a Motion Bro presets packs once and use in unlimited number of final video products.
For use in personal projects, you can buy a Regular License.
For use in projects that are sold, you can buy an Extended License.

Resolution of project and presets is the same, but transitions looks wrong

Check the Composition Settings in which you applied the preset. If the Pixel Aspect Ratio are different from the square, you need to set a Square Pixels.

Using Motion Bro in After Effects cc.2014, I can not install the .list file

Check your version of After Effects: Help > About After Effects...
If you are using 2014.0, then you need to update your version of After Effects, because the Adobe developers have fixed many errors related to the work of extensions. This can be done using the Adobe Creative Cloud application.
For the correct operation of the extension, you need version 2014.2 or higher.

When drag .list file into Motion Bro, extension panel turns white

In the current version, the installation of presets through drag-and-drop is not provided. In the future updates we will add such a possibility.
You can install the presets as shown on this page.

Extension is no longer displayed

This may be due to a communication error occurred between the settings of the operating system and After Effects.

Solution for Mac Os:

1. Open the Terminal

2. If you are using After Effects CC.2018, in the terminal window paste this line:
defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.8 PlayerDebugMode 1

If you are using After Effects CC.2017, paste this line:
defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.7 PlayerDebugMode 1

For older versions, paste one of these lines:
defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.6 PlayerDebugMode 1
defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.5 PlayerDebugMode 1

3. Press Enter

4. Restart After Effects

Solution for Windows:

1. Download THIS archive and open it.

2. If you are user After Effects CC.2018 – run the CSXS8.reg file.

If you are user After Effects CC.2017 – run the CSXS7.reg file.

For older versions – run the files CSXS6.reg and CSXS5.reg.

3. In the pop-up window, click “OK”

Can I use Motion Bro presets in my After Effects projects, that I sell

Yes it is possible. Please read the terms of use.

Every time when rendering video using h.264 codec, I get an error

This error may appear in some users who render video directly from After Effects to MOV format, with the h.264 codec

Perhaps this error is related to updates from Adobe developers that affected the h.264 codec, or because QuickTime is no longer supported.

At the moment, we do not have a quick solution to this problem, which could be useful for our customers.
In any case, as a temporary solution, you can try to do the following:

1. Restart After Effects and go to the "Render Queue" panel

2. In the "Output Module" settings, for item that you are going to render, go to the codec setup


3. In the "Video Codec" parameter, instead of h.264, select any other codec. For example Photo JPEG.

After that, try rendering. Next, the rendered media file, you can convert to the format you need with Adobe Media Encoder.

When rendering from Premiere Pro, I get the "Error compiling movie"

Perhaps this error is related to updates from Adobe developers that affected the h.264 and MPEG codecs, or because QuickTime is no longer supported.

At the moment, we do not have a quick solution to this problem, which could be useful for our customers.
In any case, as a temporary solution, you can try one of these solutions:

Solution 1

In the Export Settings, select format with the codec different from h.264 or mpeg. For example, set format - QuickTime, with the video codec Photo JPEG.
After that, try rendering. Next, the rendered media file, you can convert to the format you need with Adobe Media Encoder.

Solution 2

1. Go to: File > Project Settings > General...

2. In the Project Settings, as a renderer, set the method "Software Only"

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