Terms of use for videohive-authors

Terms outlined below are only for videohive-authors, who sell video templates on videohive.net, and intend to use Motion Bro presets in their templates.

If you create templates for sale on videohive.net, then our Motion Bro presets will help you to quickly solve the problem of transitions between scenes, and create easy-to-customize, modular template.
The rules of Videohive.net do not contradict such cooperation of different authors. Read more in FAQ on Envato.

Terms are simple:

  • One Standard License = one template-project
  • One Standard License + our banner = unlimited number of templates
  • One Extended License = unlimited number of templates

Important requirement: having finished work on the template, please, remove all unused presets, from your After Effects project. It's easy to do this by clicking on the [Clean Project] button on the Motion Bro toolbar

Please use these presets in good faith. You can use them as decorating elements in your big project, which includes your layouts and your motion design. But you can not just modify these presets and sell as a separate product, or sell a After Effects template that will consist only or mostly of these presets.

To use these presets under the standard license in unlimited number of After Effects templates, you must place this banner in the item description:

You can use this HTML-code:<a href="https://videolancer.net/made-with-motionbro"><img src="https://videolancer.net/images/videohive/hst/hst_banner_616x146.jpg"/></a> 

And finally - to confirm your purchase, you can leave 5 star rating for this product :)

Use to sell their After Effects projects on other video stock websites

For use on video stocks websites, where it is not possible to specify a banner in the description of item, (for example Motionarray.com), you necessary to buy presets an extended license.

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